Safety Code

For your own safety please read the following safety advice:


Though the park is not considered to be ‘dangerous’, do not undertake any trips without professional guidance. Hire a trained and certified guide on longer trekking tours or into unknown territory;
Do not enter the park unprepared and take all preliminary precautions necessary for travelling to remote places;
The park authorities cannot take responsibility for any injuries or damage to your equipment;
Stay away from elephants (or other wildlife)! Although these animals are usually peaceful, they are potentially dangerous and may attack even seemingly unprovoked. Do not take any risks;
Always listen to the instructions of the guides. Do never try to persuade them to act carelessly or against the rules;
If access to the area is deemed to be too risky, guides may cancel trips;
Be particularly cautious in running water. Currents may be strong and the depth of holes inside the riverbeds may be underestimated. Use a stick to check the depth if the water appears to be more than knee-deep. Pay special attention to your children;
Beware of slippery rocks particularly during the wet season and in moist places;
Do not climb steep cliffs. Rocks may be loose and slippery;
Do not underestimate the physical strain you may encounter during trekking tours in difficult terrain and different climatic conditions;
Plan your trip. Don’t forget to bring enough food and especially drinking water with you;
Never reach with your hands for something in dark holes, rock crevices etc. Use a stick when necessary;
Watch out for thorny plants and sharp edges of bamboo;
Wear long-sleeve shirts, long trousers and firm shoes (no flip-flops!);
The use of sun protection and insect repellent is recommended;
Prior to your arrival, you should take all the vaccinations generally needed for trips in Southeast Asia.


Important Note

Entering Phou Khaou Khouay National Protect Area is entirely at your own risk. The park management cannot take any responsibility for injuries or lost property!

You are obliged to acknowledge this statement with your signature on the front side of the trekking permit. You need to read, fill out, sign and return this entrance permit to your guide prior to your trip.

Thank you very much for your understanding and compliance! We wish you a pleasant, memorable and rewarding adventure in Phou Khao Khouay National Protected Area.